Discover the transformative power of gingivectomy, a dental procedure that carefully takes off excess gum tissue to stop the progression of gum disease or elevate your smile’s appearance. At Gardner Orthodontics, we can perform a gingivectomy to help you maintain optimal oral health and enhance your confidence in your smile.

Reasons for a Gingivectomy

Our orthodontist may recommend a gingivectomy if you are looking to:

  • Treat periodontal disease: Over time, bacteria can accumulate on the teeth and gums, leading to gum inflammation and infection. In severe cases, gum tissue may overgrow, forming deep pockets that harbor bacteria, and a gingivectomy may be necessary to eliminate these pockets and treat periodontal disease.
  • Fix cosmetic concerns: Excess gum tissue may cause the appearance of a “gummy smile,” making your teeth look shorter than they actually are. A gingivectomy can be performed to remove this tissue, revealing more of your natural smile.

Advantages of a Gingivectomy

A gingivectomy offers a range of benefits that contribute to the well-being of your oral health. These include:

  • Enhanced smile aesthetics: A gingivectomy can boost your smile by revealing more of your natural teeth and creating a balanced, harmonious look.
  • Better oral hygiene: Too much gum tissue can make it difficult to clean your teeth properly. By removing this tissue, you can have easier maintenance and lower your chance of tooth decay and other dental diseases.
  • Long-lasting results: Once the extra gum tissue is removed, it typically does not grow back, making a gingivectomy a lasting solution for improved oral health and appearance.

Enjoy a Healthy, Beautiful Smile Today

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